Official re-opening of Kempo Karate in Lasalle

We are happy to be able to re-open our Karate Kempo room following this long period of closure due to the covid-19.

For information, here are the instructions from the Government of Quebec.

Gradual resumption of team sports in Quebec

The Government of Quebec has announced a new phase in the resumption of outdoor sports, leisure and outdoor activities. As of June 8, team sports such as soccer, baseball or hockey may resume in the form of outside training if they comply with the directives of the Direction générale de la santé publique. This new directive will allow young Quebeckers to rediscover their favorite sport. This resumption is authorized thanks to the collaboration of the sports federations which will make available to the athletes and their members guides for resuming activities.

Second phase:

The government of Quebec has carried out a new phase of resumption of sports activities. As of June 22, indoor sports facilities as well as public and private beaches will be able to reopen. Team sports matches may also resume, in accordance with the directives of the Directorate General of Public Health. In addition, as of this day, the training of beach lifeguards can begin.

To download the CNESST Guide to health standards in the workplace for the indoor and outdoor sports, leisure and outdoor activities sector: press / covid-19 / Pages / tools-leisure-sector-outdoor-sport.aspx